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Lex Romaniak

AimTraction Software Agency

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All our tips and tricks are with scaling up in mind. - all about mutual understanding, and company improvements... We are Angular magicians for our Clients.

Aimtraction is a boutique software services company, small, efficient and proficient.… Small or big projects, why invest twice, if you can start "with scaling up" in mind?! We are like a “Rescue Team”, ready to help in any stages of project development.

AimtrACTION improves the employees, and the employees improve Aimtraction. Together we improve clients' projects, which in turn saves them money and time, which makes it possible to create new jobs, or by increasing salaries, which makes the families of employees calmer and happier. Together we move the whole world in a better direction. We will be happy to share with you the value of sincere productive cooperation. Let's make your idea come true together.

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