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Oleksandr Muzychuk

Abto Software

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We empower customers business by the software of 21st century applying science, R&D, own IP

Abto Software is a full-cycle custom software engineering company with 260+ employees and 15 years on the market. We served over 200 customers from the US, Canada, EU, the UK, Germany, and others, including 6 multi-billion public corporations. We deliver innovative solutions to businesses of the following domains: Healthcare, Construction and Real estate, Manufacturing, E-Commerce and Retail, Security, Government, and Fintech.

Abto employs one of the largest Computer Vision & AI departments in Eastern Europe with unique expertise. It delivers business solutions to different customers, including the CTO office of Global Fortune 200 corporation.

Abto Software is Microsoft Golden Partner, an expert in delivering award-winning custom cloud & AI-based enterprise-level software solutions.

Abto’s tech stack covers most of the modern languages, frameworks, and development practices, focusing on Microsoft technologies (.NET frameworks, Azure, etc.)

e-Commerce FinTech Healthcare Logistics Manufacturing Retail Utilities
Development / Web Development / Desktop App Development / eCommerce Development / Mobile Apps Development / iPhone Apps Development / Android Apps Artificial Intelligence BI and Big Data Digital Banking Conversational Chatbots Development
Java / JEE PHP / Laravel .NET / WPF & WinForms .NET / Web .NET / Core (5.x) .NET / Visual Basic C++ / Windows C++ / Linux Frontend / Angular Frontend / React NodeJS Python Mobile / React Native Android / Java Android / Kotlin Cloud / Azure Cloud / AWS Cloud / Google ERP / Microsoft Dynamics Asp.Net Kubernetes

Company's Cases

AI-powered Customer Support Automation for European FinTech Corporation

Our customer is a European FinTech corporation, provider of global digital payment solutions. The company was looking to improve its customer support processes, with the focus on email support, by reducing the cost via AI-powered automation, as well as decreasing response time. We started…

Banking | Financial services | FinTech
Development / Web | Customer support | Cybersecurity & Data Protection | Artificial Intelligence | Software Quality Assurance | Project Management | Data Annotation | IT Consulting | Design / Web Apps | Design / Mobile Apps | Digital Banking
.NET / Core (5.x) | Python | Cloud / AWS | ERP / Salesforce (Apex) | Elasticsearch | Redis | RabbitMQ | Kubernetes | Docker
Camera-Based Driver Activity Recognition for Driver Monitoring System

Our client is a $50 billion public corporation that provides cutting-edge technology solutions across the globe. One of their fastest-growing divisions is the automotive solutions division that aims at creating new standards for vehicles with the vision of improving driving safety through Advanced…

Artificial Intelligence | Software Quality Assurance | Project Management | Data Annotation
C++ / Windows | C++ / Linux
Telemedicine Software Development

We met Medikit creators in 2018. They share with us a groundbreaking idea – to build a unique Ukraine digital healthcare system. It should allow people all over the country to receive quality medical help 24/7. The Abto Software’s team needed to design and develop full-package telemedicine…

Development / Web | Development / Mobile Apps | Customer support | Cybersecurity & Data Protection | Software Quality Assurance | Cloud Consulting | Project Management | Design / Web Apps | Design / Mobile Apps
.NET / Web | Frontend / React | Mobile / React Native | DB / MS SQL | Blockchain | Asp.Net