Creating new software through a “business value” driven approach

Today’s case is based on a real startup from the financial industry that was initially designed and built at Jappware, was able to raise huge investments, and still stick with us. Yeah, we are talking about Lean-Case ( and we are proud to be a part of its story.



Build a complete solution as a financial modeling platform to build business models based on its internal unit representation, revenue stream, and many other financial metrics and parameters.

The task is to provide end-to-end services in a web application software development area around the business requirements and financial PoC based on Excel models. A huge part of this product is a platform for multitenant collaboration, project sharing, and across access functionality, security and subscription management.


  • Implement business modeling platform based on internal financial metrics
  • Provide a flexible functionality to create new and update existing behavior based on DSL configuration of the models
  • Guarantee user data privacy and secured data access
  • Implement subscription-based workflow and feature management


  • Complex business logic based on financial models
  • Customizable data computation engine to process personalized models configurations
  • End-to-end development lifecycle. From Idea to Production, and continuous support
  • Immediate solution’s redevelopment after problem with performance
  • Technical specification based on Business-value explanation approach
  • After production maintenance
  • "No downtime" deployment of the new features


  • Built a strong and self-organized team
  • Implemented effective and transparent development process
  • Proposed flexible architecture based on possible future changes (such architecture allowed us to quickly introduce new features and rework core functionality in case of critical issues due to wrong decisions)
  • Designed custom UI and implemented continuous behavioral metrics collection functionality
  • Implemented front-end, back-end according to business requirements
  • Developed cloud infrastructure and IaaC solution
  • Built automation tests and clear technical documentation
  • Organized continuous support and bug reports


  • Reached time-to-market deadlines
  • Implemented complete feature list according to the requirements
  • Continuous support and consulting
  • Predictable release cycle
  • Gained first paid client in the first month
60 months

Development / Web
Java / Spring | Frontend / Angular | Cloud / AWS