Legacy Application Modernization and Cloud Migration

Euristiq experts helped one of the largest Airline companies with legacy software modernization and the AWS cloud migration services. Ryanair needed to have a new version of its main website combined with additional custom apps to improve the company’s business operations such as buying tickets, booking accommodation, or renting cars.

As a result of our collaboration, the product’s maintainability and availability improved significantly via the implementation of micro front-end architecture. In addition, the page loading time decreased by 7 seconds (time to interact is now 3.1s compared to 10.3s). The new UI/UX and additional custom applications have increased business operations significantly.

Resalts we delivered:

  • Application modernization with 3X performance improved
  • Migration from Adobe Experience Manager to AWS
  • Implementation of new UI/UX
  • Additional custom apps to improve business operations
24 months

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