Bussines diversification: a neobank-app for Vodafone

About the project
Staying open to new challenges and opportunities seems hard for big international companies. They already have a working business model and dont need to create new approaches to keep going. But this is not the case for Vodafone, which is always eager to new. Being the biggest telecommunication company in the world didnt stop them from the urge to conquer a totally new market banking. They came to us with a bare wish to build up a NEO-bank app. Our development expertise allowed us to assess the market quickly, discover insights and find the best-matching app idea according to the given requirements and limitations.

The customer is a leading telecommunications company, keeping society connected and building a digital future for everyone.

Our challenge
As clients assessed the fintech industry as quite new for them, they wanted to hear more suggestions from us on where they have to focus. So our task is logically divided into two parts:

  • Market and customer investigations were doing everything to find strong needs and pains that can be covered by a service that can be owned by the client;
  • Prototyping the service based on the app according to the data we collect on the first step and testing its viability. Presenting the app prototype with all inner and outer processes explanations to the client.

Services grid:

  • Project Discovery
  • Business model creation
  • UI/UX design
  • Customer development
  • Backlog creation
  • Technical specifications

The results of product research

Vodafone was pleased with the prototype and business model that we developed for their project. We found a way to land a massive telecommunications giant on a completely new market based on a tested and prototyped viable service.

  • 40+ hours of online conferences, meetings & in-depth interviews
  • 2500+ participants in quantitative survey
Release Date
12 months

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