5 Top Countries for Software Outsourcing

When approached right, outsourcing software development can save you a great deal of money, time, as well as help you open up new business opportunities and expand the existing pool of experts. But, if the proper research hasn’t been done, there might be some challenges along the way. Earlier we focused on things to pay attention to when choosing a tech vendor. Today, we want to concentrate on the best countries to outsource software development.


India is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, which makes it an attractive destination for clients from the USA and the UK. While the overall literacy in the country is pretty low, the Indian education system pays a lot of attention to mathematics, producing over 2 million STEM graduates every year. According to Statista, in 2018, IT service exports in India amounted to $74 billion. India is also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, which is no wonder why global tech giants such as Microsoft and Google choose to build their new R&D centers in vibrant Indian tech hubs, such as Bangalore.


With a talent pool of over 200,000 tech professionals and 36,000 tech graduates annually, Ukraine is one of the most promising destinations for software outsourcing. More than 110 global tech companies, including Google, Samsung, Snap, etc., have chosen Ukraine to open their R&D offices. In 2018, Ukrainian IT services export reached $4.5 billion and is expected to continue to grow at 20% annually. According to SkillValue 2019 report, Ukrainian software developers are among the top 5 in the world. 85% of Ukrainian developers speak intermediate or higher levels of English. Ukraine works in the GMT+3 timezone, which overlaps with both the UK and the US working times.


HackerRank rates Chinese developers the first in the world, with an overall score of 100. China has over 4.7 million STEM graduates annually, and the expected growth rate of its tech industry is 15% annually over the next 5 years. 13 Chinese software vendors are among the world’s top 30 fastest growing software companies. Among obvious drawbacks of working with a tech vendor from China, are the country’s low English skills ‒ only 10 million Chinese nationals speak English.


With a population of roughly 38 million people, Poland is globally known for its highly skilled and inexpensive tech talent. Poland has become a regional leader in outsourcing IT services and an attractive place for business software development. It has 18 technology universities and more than 15,000 new tech specialists annually. Computer Science, Geoinformatics, ICT, and Applied Computer Science were the most popular fields of study in 2016 and 2017. With over 279,800 specialized tech employees, Poland’s IT services market equaled $4,62 billion in 2018. According to HackerRank, Polish developers are the third best in the world.

English is the second official language in the Phillippines ‒ over 90 million of its population speak English. According to Tholons Releases 2018 Services Globalization Index, the country’s capital, Manila is the world’s second best city for outsourcing. The Philippines is home to over 190,000 tech professionals with forecasts that by 2022, this number will reach 210,000. Major global companies that operate within the Phillippines include IBM, HP, Accenture, and others. Cost competitiveness is one of the key advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines.