IT community is calling to stop cooperation with Russian companies

Lviv IT Cluster members have launched an initiative to end cooperation with Russian customers. The Ukrainian army bravely repulses the attacks of the occupiers for the continuation of a free and democratic country. 350 000 IT specialists in Ukraine are trying to do their job for the country to stay economically strong and stable. Our army, like all Ukrainians, has shown the world its spirit, love for our native country, and boundless thirst for victory. The Armed Forces of Ukraine oppose the aggressor, the government imposes sanctions. The IT community can and should join the fight. So what can we do?

Lviv IT Cluster strongly encourages companies to stop doing business in Russia, as well as urge your customers to stop cooperation with the occupying country. Make every effort to ensure that your company, all your partners, and the entire ecosystem around you stop all business with Russia – so we can help Ukraine. And find out if your company is doing any kind of business in Russia and push to get out. Because continuing to do any business in Russia just economically strengthens them to enable a drawn-out war. 

Many companies have announced they are suspending their activities from the Russian market, but everyone needs to join in to make sure that our companies are completely out of Russia permanently to do our part to the end of the war. Support Ukraine, democracy, and the IT community by not doing any business in Russia.