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Myroslav Pap
VP of R&D

Israel IT

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Our mission is to provide the most innovative and collaborative environment for development, engagement and extended professional growth. Getting excited about the projects, our people enjoy the process and make the most of what they do. It allows us to provide complex A-Z premium offshore services based on strong professional ethics. Our main vision and goal is to create a new standard of premium offshore IT services in Ukraine.

Спеціальні послуги з розробки програмного забезпечення та першокласні спеціалізовані команди інженерів програмного забезпечення, креативних веб-дизайнерів та майстрів з маркетингу. 
Наш досвід включає: 

  • Enterprise Software
  • SaaS
  • eCommerce
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cyber Security
  • Game Development
  • Digital Marketing
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Реалізовані проєкти

eCommerce & Healthcare

About the Client The company’s founder and CEO is Abdul Nassani. He is a successful wellness entrepreneur and innovator based in Dubai. Nassani’s interest and passion in “biohacking for wellness” evolved after diving deep into the worlds of biohacking pioneering and the teachings of ancient…

.NET / Web | iOS / Swift | Cloud / AWS
eCommerce | Healthcare

http://www.cannabotech.com/ Cannabotech is a biomedical company focused on yet undiscovered benefits of cannabinoids and functional mushrooms. They apply the pure power of nature to the most pressing health issues of today’s world. Cannabotech is one of the first biomedical companies to marry…

CMS / WordPress | .NET / Web | Frontend / Angular | iOS / Objective-C | Android / Java
iFunds Capital

https://ifunds-capital.co.il/en/iFunds is the leading source for Alternative Investments in Israel. It is owned and headed by Altshuler-Shaham and the executives that manage the company.They serve high-net-worth individuals, private and public companies, family offices, and institutions.iFunds…

Financial services

About the clientPlayermaker is an innovative athlete performance tracking platform. It is designed specifically for soccer. Using a smart motion sensor on a player’s boots, it presents unparalleled insights on technical, tactical, and physical load, as well as gait analysis for the players and…

Java / JEE | Cloud / AWS | DB / MySQL