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Mike Butusov
Head of Marketing


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TechMagic is a software development company from Lviv, Ukraine with a narrow technology focus that helps startups and established enterprises to build remote dedicated teams. TechMagic was founded in 2014 and now we have more than 200 employees. Our technological expertise includes JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, ReactJS, ExpressJS, Typescript, Salesforce, Serverless, Native iOS, and Android. 

We pay a big attention to becoming experts in the selected technological domains. That's why we set up partnerships with global companies in order to strengthen our expertise and knowledge. 

We are: 

- Official AWS Certified Consulting Partner since 2017. 
- Official Serverless Framework Partner since 2018. 
- Official Salesforce Consulting Partner since 2018.

Constant tech focus and strong local community help us engage the best JavaScript and Mobile talents from the market. We set up nearshore development teams for the projects from scratch and offer team extensions for the ongoing projects.

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