Sparkybit develops the core product from scratch and becomes the key technical partner for one of the TOP fintech companies in the United Kingdom


Since 2014 researchers highlight a growing number of UK employees having significant problems with their financial well-being. Progressive employers started to consider supporting employees by preventing them from falling into financial difficulties.


The Client's stakeholders took on the mission to give hard-working people access to fairer finance. To bring the idea to life, the Client needed a strong technical partner, who would take on product development from scratch and the whole technological strategy.


Together with the core client's stakeholders, we developed Neyber, the online platform for employee financial well-being.

For 5 years, our CEO, Alexey Nayda, performed as the Head of Development, leading two technical teams from both Neyber’s and Sparkybit’s sides. Product development, Product technical strategy, team development, and all the related processes were Sparkybit’s core fields of responsibility.


We are happy for Neyber raised £145M of total investments in 5 rounds, becoming the UK's number one financial well-being provider, while staying faithful to the original mission of caring for the financial well-being of the UK employees. The client combined portfolio included the FTSE 100 members, Police Mutual (Royal London, UK).


  • Technical product strategy
  • Full-fledged product built from scratch
  • Successful migration to Salesforce.
  • Constant technical support and BP consultancy
  • Raising and development of inhouse Salesforce competencies
  • Building and raising technical team

Tech Stack

  • Frontend: AngularJS, Sass 3, ES6, Bower, Gulp
  • Backend: SalesForce, .NET Framework C# 4.5, ASP.NET WebAPI 5.2, AspNet.Identity,OWIN 3.0, EntityFramework, NodeJS, Docker, SAML Federated SSO
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, ci\cd, TeamCity, Octopus Deployment
  • Hosting: AWS Cloud,
  • Analytics: Salesforce + MI Warehouse
  • Salesforce: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Marketing Pardot, API integrations
  • Testing: Testrail
60 months
Neyber [Salary Finance]

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