Broker Portal development for UK FinTech Leader

LendInvest is the UK’s leading platform for property finance. Since starting out in 2008 the company lent more than £3 billion in mortgages and has helped to put thousands of new or improved homes into the UK housing market. LendInvest’s mission is to make property finance simple.

LendInvest Broket Portal creation and Launch

Brokers and borrowers are LendInvest's core segments. Buy-to-Let process is one of the key components of customer experience for such clients. It used to take much time and patience for brokers and borrowers to go through the whole bureaucratic process. LendInvest got a clear vision to make it digital. Sparkybit advised and cherry-picked talented Salesforce engineers, admin & QA people who built and launched the product core CRM workflows, needed to assess the mortgage applications and reach a borrowing decision. Migration to a fully cloud-based data platform, advanced data orchestrating and analytics, and a user-friendly interface were also included in the scope. The project resulted in the Broker Portal, a digital product that made the mortgage application process fast and seamless for all the participants. It enabled brokers to submit bridging inquiries and applications digitally directly into Salesforce. 

Besides, borrowers got access to automated and semi-automated applications, which saved much effort and provided transparency on each request. Since the portal’s launch, it became much easier to both apply and manage every deal via Salesforce end-user interface. Automation cut off unnecessary and time-consuming steps of manual verification, which included the internal team’s communication with brokers or borrowers to get application-related information. Now, with the Broker Portal launched, precious time for communication with customers is spent more on building relationships, not paperwork and bureaucratic routines. 

12 months

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