Smart Food Delivery Solution for Office Catering

  • Offer personalized food plans based on user preferences
  • Collect and process data on fridge conditions, temperatures, and contents
  • Provide secure self-checkout payment options

Our client is the world’s leading meal subscription provider delivering tens of millions of food kits monthly and operating in key global markets, including Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia. Having evolved from a small startup to a global market leader, the company has doubled its business operations and annual turnover within the last year. To support this rapid business growth, our client decided to tap into the potential of IoT for retail commerce and expand their service portfolio with a high-tech smart fridge solution for offices. 

Our team’s contribution to the development of the smart fridge solution allows our client to expand their global presence faster and hold the lead among established food suppliers and those trying to enter this lucrative sector. The use of IoT technology in retail operations enables our client to keep up their momentum and consistently win over the competition. Together with our client, we’re working towards the launch of the production version of their catering application. This app is quickly becoming a favorite new perk in many offices, helping companies boost employee motivation, productivity, and loyalty.

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12 months
World’s leading meal subscription provider

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