IT Platform for a Medical Transportation Broker

The IT solution developed by GIS Art for a medical transportation broker connects insurance providers, transportation providers, healthcare providers, and patients to be transported to healthcare facilities.


Main Features

  • Input of patient transportation requests
  • Authorization of the requests
  • Distribution of trips among transportation providers
  • Monitoring the execution of the trips including displaying vehicle locations on a map
  • Billing insurance providers via EDI
  • Payment of transportation providers

The transportation provider dispatch software gets trips and updates their status via the REST API of the system. 


The product has been in production and has been being extended and improved for more than 6 years. New extensions are needed because each insurance provider usually needs specific rules of trip requests authorization and new features (e.g. SSO, getting trip requests from a file on FTP,  posting trip status updates to the API of the insurance provider). 


Besides the full cycle of the product development, GIS Art also has one of the call centers that receive transportation requests from patients, responds to client requests regarding vehicle ETA etc.  


60 months
A Medical Transportation Broker in USA

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