Shopify Application for Print-on-Demand Services

About the Client

The client is an established company offering print products to end-users. They decided to expand their business’ market share by developing a new product and opening a new sales channel.

From this plan, the project of Teekiss emerged; an easy-to-use application designed for printing on demand.


The project’s main goal was to create a user-friendly application that would enable owners of Shopify stores to easily design unique products for sale on Shopify web stores. The TeeKiss team would do the printing and dropshipping.

The product was to consist of two main modules: a Shopify application and an admin dashboard the client would use to track orders.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was developing unique price calculation algorithms for parcel delivery based on the individual parameters of each parcel, such as size and weight. Another challenging task was enabling a variable-product function and ensuring its proper display on the Shopify stores.


To begin, we conducted a comprehensive investigation and created an efficient operational framework to keep our client continuously updated on project progress.

Each development iteration was discussed in advance with our client.

Our team helped clarify, and then compiled a detailed list of technical requirements to meet our client’s goals and needs.

The application, which we developed from scratch, allows Shopify merchants to design custom products, such as T-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops. After choosing a product type, the merchants can select a color and a size, and then upload the unique print that they want to use and place it where they want it on the product. Then, they can assign a price to their newly-created product, click “publish”, and it will automatically appear in their store.

Release Date
24 months

Development / eCommerce
Frontend / React | NodeJS | Cloud / AWS | MongoDB