AWS cloud migration and re-platforming of Predictive Data & Retail Analytics Platform

Trendalytics is a Predictive Data & Retail Analytics B2B Solution Platform for eCommerce providers. Trendalytics does the heavy lifting for customers by aggregating billions of consumer demand signals. Trendalytics clients have increased sales, conversions, margins, and brand discoverability by incorporating Trendalytics AI/ML and Big Data product insights into their workflows.


Requirements for our solution were:


  • Migrate running platform infra to the AWS Cloud
  • Data migration (>2 TB)
  • Design cloud and system architecture using cutting-edge cloud tools and technologies
  • Do performance testing
  • Open the question of how search-first data should be stored in AWS
  • Setup of 3rd party API integration
  • Implement CI/CD


Work done:


  • Before doing migration itself DEDICATTED architects designed Cloud Infrastructure utilizing AWS EKS (Kubernetes), all Trendalytics services was containerized by DEDICATTED team.
  • AWS Elasticsearch multi-az cluster
  • Performance testing automation solution
  • Security analysis scans, data consistency scans
  • Automatic backups and disaster recovery playbooks.
  • CI/CD with Jenkins with canary deployment setup.


Technologies stack:


  • AWS cloud
  • AWS EKS, AWS Dynamodb, AWS RDS for data storage
  • Jenkins, Jenkins Pipelines, Jenkins Kubernetes agents
  • Locus and AWS ECS (Fargate nodes) for Load Testing




  • DEDICATTED team successfully executed migration and redesigning platform during 3 months period.
  • Load Testing solution allowed to set up a resilient and auto-scaling system with 0 messages lost.
  • At the moment, Trendalytics Platform in AWS do:
    • 4M of SKUs scrapped and analyzed on a weekly basis
    • 20K social profiles monitored daily
    • 2.4V search term metrics crunched to create our industry-leading prediction engine

After migration work done, DEDICATTED focused on cloud support and maintenance services for Trendalytics.

Release Date
12 months

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