Solutions for cattle breeding

Location: Canada

Company size: 201-500 employees

Cooperation: 8+ years

The client is an industry leader in reproductive technologies and the most rapidly growing company in this market. The company offers genetic solutions for dairy and meat farmers that boost animal immunity, lower disease, considerably improve the breeding process, and maximize profitability.

We designed four desktop solutions and a mobile app for our client, which make genetic herd management convenient, effective and cost-efficient. The applications are used in almost 90 countries and have a truly global influence, giving access to information crucial to the future of dairying worldwide. 

What farmers can do:

  • Collect and process large amounts of genetic data
  • Get easy to understand reports
  • Analyze individual genetic information and rank animals
  • Plan herd productivity
  • Boost herd immunity
  • Obtain predictable mating results'

The software suite greatly simplifies making business decisions and breeding control for maximum growth and profitability.

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60 months
The industry leader in reproductive technologies

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