Business intelligence software for the hospitality industry

Location: The Netherlands

Company size: 11-50 employees

Cooperation: 10+ years

The unTill® Software Development Group Ltd. has more than twenty years of experience designing automation-focused software for hospitality providers - hotels, restaurants, leisure venues, etc. The solutions cover all aspects of the business, from ordering to kitchen operations and loyalty management. 

Our team had a complex task to create a fast and smooth web application that would make data management a few-clicks experience and translate numbers into business insights.

Now, unTill® Web Management brings all restaurant data from all locations directly to a browser for online access. The software allows comprehensive data management, from updating prices and menu items to generating custom reports and exporting data. The product is cloud-based, which improves security and makes the installation simple.

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60 months

Business services
Development / Web
.NET / Web | Frontend / Angular | iOS / Swift | Asp.Net | Typescript | SQL | JavaScript