An all-in-one Digital Bank in Messengers

Alfa Message is a Digital Bank in Messengers (Telegram, Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp) developed by for Alfa Banking Group.


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ALfa Message's primary purposes were to:

  • Create digital platforms in messenger to attract new customers and existing ones via smartphones without downloading apps.
  • Be introduced to and occupy a new young digital banking target audience - generation Z.
  • Enable the embedded inclusion of partners programs.


Requirements for our solution were:

  • Easy to change.
  • Speed of development.
  • Open to integrations.


Digital bank key features are:

  • Card issuing in less than 30 seconds.
  • Money transfer and card refill via messengers.
  • Paying for a wide range of services.
  • Card management and security settings.


Business results of Digital Bank Development:

  • Incremental in more than 40,000+ customers of digital service.
  • 10,000+ sales of banking services for Alfa-Bank.
  • A lot of external integrations with Alfa Group partners.


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Release Date
24 months

Development / eCommerce
Frontend / React | NodeJS | DB / PostgreSQL | Node Red | Typescript